Have 1:1’s every week… Have 1:1’s with everyone that reports to you… blah, blah, blah.

Just because we’re supposed to do something, doesn’t mean that we know how to do it well. In my experience, the majority of entrepreneurs know they should be having 1:1’s every single week, but understanding how to make the time valuable for everyone is the BIG QUESTION.

Here’s a little trick to help you focus your 1:1’s in a way that will be extremely valuable to the team member as well as you and the company.

It comes down to their place in the org chart. Every spot on the org chart is equally critical. But every spot should have a key difference. How far out they are strategically focused on driving results. See the graphic below.

The key here is where we need to be strategically focused, and as a result, what are our goals and what plan are we executing to hit those goals. This becomes the key to your 1:1’s.

EXAMPLE: For your frontline folks, based on their monthly goals/metrics, what are their weekly and daily targets? If my sales rep has a monthly quota of $100,000, then they have weekly targets of ~$25K and daily goals of ~$5K. Your weekly 1:1’s are dedicated private 1:1 time to discuss their progress toward that $25K weekly goal. Did they hit last week’s target? What is their daily plan/effort to hit $5K? Are they trending toward this week’s goal and their month-to-date goal? What’s working for them? What obstacles are they running into? What support can you give them and where do you need to challenge their thinking to help them unlock better performance?

For Managers, we have to talk about weekly progress toward the monthly goal and their strategic plan for that month to hit the goal. The biggest question is, do they even have a strategic plan for the month? This is the time to sort through all of those details and set them and the company up for wins every month and quarter.

Now, let’s take a quick step back. 1:1’s for our people come down to the annual strategic focus for the company. What is the annual operating objective for your business? How can we effectively break that down into quarterly objectives that give every department clear quarterly goals and objectives that all add up to the annual plan? The waterfall impact from there creates real power in your front line activities.

If getting clear(er) on your Annual Plan is something you and your company could benefit from, click the button below to discuss my approach that will give everyone powerful focus on their part of the plan so your company can hit more aggressive targets, more often. 

*Note, Focus Graphic is not assuming that your company has all of these levels depending on where you’re at in your evolution.

But, it must be clear for you and your people who is focusing on each level here. A quick example may be a VP of a department who doesn’t have a Director or any managers. That VP will most likely need to focus on the month and quarter for that department. The CEO then needs to focus on the quarter and year with an eye on the three year vision.