Here’s the misconception…

Increasing your team member’s output and results is difficult if not impossible.

The misconception exists because you try… and you try… and then you try some more… and nothing really changes.

You blame yourself and change how you do things. Then you blame them and expect them to change how they are doing things. You fire people, hire someone who isn’t much better and the cycle repeats itself over and over again.

To get optimal output from your team members, you will also need to have their metrics dialed and ensure you are hiring people who are a fit for your business and your leadership style.

With that being said, I present to you the most powerful leadership questions you can ask yourself to improve team performance.

1. Am I challenging my team members effectively?
2. Am I supporting my team members effectively?

But answering these two questions alone is high level, hard to out into action so you can increase your leadership game. Let’s add the matrix below to better steer this conversation. To understand why I highly recommend simply yet powerful tools to improve the execution of leadership principles, click here.

The Matrix

Let’s start by calibrating you to this matrix.

Negative amounts of challenge are to the left of the red line. Positive are to the right. Negative amounts of challenge are below the gold line and positive amounts are above. Get it?

So if you are supporting your team members by doing things for them but arent effectively challenging them, you are a Protector.

If you are challenging your team members but aren’t supporting them effectively then you’re a Dominator.